Thank you so much – They’re fantastic patches!
– Anna – San Francisco, CA

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your patches. The results where amazing, I have one of my favourite jeans back .. and they very cool too .. plus a can say na anana na to my girlfriend who was about to throw them out a few months back ..
– Anthony – France

Testimonial about our Ultra Thin Backing Patch, perfect and light as described..many thanks!
– Carl – Stratford, CT

I’ve repaired 3 pairs of my boys’ jeans with Iron Patches – the colors that are offered are perfect – they were easy to iron on and they are adhering perfectly. I highly recommend them!
– Carrie – Henrico, VA

Your iron on patches, are by far the best ever. I don’t know where else to go for anything close!
– D.B – Woodstock, GA

I received my iron on patches today and I LOVE THEM!!!! I put them on my boys pants ( the knees) and they are sturdy and on nice and snug. Great product! Thanks!!! From a mom who goes through more knee patches than anyone I know with a house full of active boys!
– Dominique – San Francisco, CA

What an unbelievable product!! The patch has saved my favorite (10 year old) jeans. Just fantastic!
– Duke – Los Angeles, CA

Thank u for ur super customer service!
– Janet – Herndon, VA

I simply gave up on iron-on patches. Every time that I would purchase a package from a retails store, I would carefully cut-out the patch, iron them on, and within a few washes the patch would begin to fail – that is until I used your product, I can not tell you how pleased I am with the results. Thanks!
– Jen, Germantown, WI

I am always very skeptical of a new product’s claims of superiority. This iron on patch product is amazing and has given me a new way to personalize my jeans. In addition, because sometimes I do not like the patch look, the tear preventing patch has work marvelously for both my clothes and my husbands.
– Kim -Billings, Montana

I just want you to know that I love your free shipping. It was because of it that I felt comfortable trying out your patches in the first place, and now I”m back for more! I was most excited that the strength backing patch didn’t irritate my skin. Thanks again!
– Liz

These patches work great! I usually throw my jeans away after I wear a hole in the knees, but these patches have saved a couple pairs of really comfortable work jeans for me. I have tried other iron on patches, but they don’t stay on very well. So glad these work because I’m not about to attempt to sew on a patch. I will definitely order more in the future for other torn jeans.
– Michael – Maryland

Hey guys, Great stuff. I am a male and use these on my Levi’s 511 ‘skinny’ jeans, which are notorious for failing in the crotch area. Very happy to have found Iron Patches!
– Nels – Woodlyn, PA

Thanks so much for making these patches! I love how easy they are to apply and how long they last. My son is able to wear his favorite pants until he outgrows them, as opposed to me throwing them away because of holes. Same with my husband’s pants. And my daughter’s pants. I just ordered some for my sister, because I noticed her kids’ pants had holey knees.
– Nicole – NYC

I have some lovely j brand jeans that had torn (too too expensive to throw away)………..and your patches worked like a charm!!!!! thank you very very much!!!
– Norah – Austin, TX

Love your patches. They’re industrial strength, everything you promised. My favorite work jeans live on.
– S. Wilson – Olathe, KS

After using this product versus the current product on the market, I could not believe how well it works!
– Susan – Bend, Oregon

Just want to let you know that the patches are FANTASTIC!!! Easy to put on and they look good. I appreciate the top quality of your product!
– Sydnee