Patches Applied to the Front of Jeans (Traditional Patches)

Application Instruction for patching worn areas or tears:

1. Preheat your iron for 2-3 minutes on the Highest heat setting without steam

2. Begin by determining the areas that you would like to repair. 

3. Take a piece of scrap cloth and put inside jeans to prevent patch from sticking to the inside of the jeans.

4. Measure the tear that you are trying to fix.  Cut the patch about an inch wider than the tear on all sides.

5. Pre-iron the area where the patch will be stuck.

6. Iron the top of the patch slowly and gradually increase pressure.  Start on one side of the patch and then move on to other areas.  Ironing times are provided with each patch.

7. Now turn the jeans inside out and iron the inside of the jeans.

8. Wait for the jeans to cool before wearing.

9. If after the first couple of washes the patch lifts, re-iron both sides with high heat and pressure from the tip of the iron.  Sometimes the patches will lift a little at first because of different rates of shrinking.