How to Apply Iron on Jean Patches

Patches Applied to the Backside of Jeans

Application Instruction for patching worn areas or tears:
1. Preheat your iron for 2-3 minutes on the highest setting without steam

2. Begin by determining the areas that you would like to repair.  If you are repairing a hole you will see the adhesive through the hole and it may be better to use our traditional patch that goes on the outside of the jeans.

3. Measure the tear that you are trying to fix.  Take a piece of denim backing patch (these patches are different because the adhesive is on the top side of the jean material and the cotton side is exposed to provide additional comfort).  Cut the backing patch about an inch wider than the tear on all sides.

4. With the jeans facing up (like you see them when you are wearing them), place the patch through the tear.  Make sure the patch is centered within the tear.

5. Line-up the tear so that the jeans look straight.

6. Begin ironing the top side of the jeans – first the top of the tear and then the bottom to create the look you are going for. (approximately 1 minute)

7. Now that the patch is temporarily in place, turn the jeans inside out (be careful because the jeans will now be very hot!) Finish by ironing the backside of the jeans according to the ironing instructions provided with the product depending on size.

8. While ironing applying pressure with the tip of the iron to the patch.

9. Turn the jeans so the front side is facing you and trim any excess treads and now your jeans are repaired!