Iron on Patches Guarantee

If within 60 days of your purchase you are not completely satisfied send back the unused patches for a refund. No other company offers a guarantee and stands behind their products as we do!

Where other patches begin to fall off after only a few washes, our Iron Patches product is meant to last several wash and dry cycles. Below is a comparison of some testing that was done on the most popular patches available in stores versus our Iron Patches product and as you can see the performance is not even close.

What this test shows

The picture show a comparison of a very common iron-on patch available at most any big box store and our Iron Patches products. These are the results after 8 and 21 wash and dry cycles. What you can not see is that after only 8 cycles more than half of this patch has fallen off and could be very easily torn completely off. The Iron Patches product shows no sign of peeling on any of the edges. The second picture shows our Iron Patches after 21 washes still holding strong. Thats why we feel that no other iron-on patching product on the market comes close to our performance.