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Iron Patches

1. Wash jeans before applying patch.
2. Remove Liner/Wax Paper from Patch.
3. Pre-heat Iron on the Highest Setting.
4. Pre-iron the fabric where the patch is
    going to be applied.
5. Position patch shiny side down.
6. Place a piece of scrap fabric on the
    backside if covering a hole.
7. Without Steam, & Press Firmly on all edges.


*Canvas patches may require longer heat exposure due to thickness of fabric

Patch Size
 Ironing Time
 4"x 4" 60 Seconds
 5"x 8" 3-4 minutes
 9" x 11"

 6-8 minutes

The ultra thin backing patches are meant to go on the inside of the jeans and repair rip and tears.  They are not meant for holes because you will see the patch through the hole.  If you following the ironing instructions in the videos, you will barely see the patch (it will look like the white threads in the tear area).  Once applied, these are the most comfortable patches in our product line.

Usually this does not happen, but if it does it just means either it was not ironed on well enough at first (iron timed-out) or the jeans and the patch shrunk at different rates.

Solution:  Heat up iron for a couple minutes and re-iron according to the directions.  Even if the patch has peeled  a little, it can be very easily re-attached.  We would suggest keeping the iron on a location for 10 to 15 seconds and then pressing down on the patch with the tip of the iron to increase adhesion.  Also, iron both sides of the patch for the best results.  Please wait until clothing cools before trying on.  This should solve this from occurring again!